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Recent Projects, mixed VIDEO & IMAGES,
generated for CAPITAL, [GALLERY], & TY_JC
Work & Display
Most recent experiences built &
displayed in physical or
digital spaces.
ty_jc is a continuous experimental research practice, sprung from a passion rooted in crafting human experiences. Images & videos displayed are not necessarily original, but instead a culmination of expreiences of my curated aesthetic.

Exploring interface potentials, these bodies of work span through zeros and ones, tangible substances, technology interfaces, and lively sculptures. Final products are merely the manifestation of the idea, process, datasets, code & implementation.

The materialisation of the idea ultimately kills the concept, and with it reduces ALL the efforts to a sculptural, self contained piece. Our production is the materialisation of non-tangible assets, them being thoughts, expressions, or merely formations along the route to completion.
Being nothing more than an experimental exercise, we take great pride in making every step meaningful.

We devote all our crypto based earnings toward carbon offsetting non sustainable NFT markets while conducting a constant and in depth due diligence on our machines, production and computation power aimed at ensuring our production has a positive impact on the environment. We fiercely stand for equality and inclusivity, and part of our sales revenue goes towards igniting and funding research towards bias, inequality and overall condition of minorities in art and technology.
This artistic experience I've the pleasure to lead comes from a deeply rooted passion in creating memorable experiences & bringing new products to light. I am currently residing in CO & NYC. Reach out & let's go for a walk.